Loss of work

I have been working on developing a questionnaire for a few days. After completing it, I also confirmed the questions by sharing them in the API. But today when I went to check the form, I saw that all the edits that have been made for the past 2 days were gone. What should I do now?

Welcome to the community @syfulk! Would you mind providing us more information on these questions:

  • Did you timely save the edits that you made in your survey project (questionnaire)?
  • Did you ever deploy them?

Yes, I saved my edits and deployed them. I also shared it with other users to fill it up. It was okay until yesterday and we got some submissions as well. but when I re-opened it today, it was all gone.

OK, so you mean all your data as well as the questions have disappeared from your account?

Hi @syfulk
Could kindly share your user name and project name on a private message so that we look at it.

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