Lost already entered data which are saved as draft

I have lost the entered data which were saved as draft.
The cases which were yet to finalized were saved as draft. I was editing those day by day and submitting. Though the submitted were in the system, remaining to be finalized were suddenly disappeared from the web data collection.
Could you please suggest me on how to retrieved those?

Thank you

Welcome to the community, @smriti_22! You seemed to be collecting data through the web form, aka Enketo. When collecting your data with the web form, you should not clear your browser’s cache. If you clear the cache (before submitting your data to the server), you will erase all the data stored in the browser. The system cannot retrieve your data once it has been cleared.

Hi @Kal_Lam thank you for your quick response, it is very helpful to work on timely.
I could not remember of getting any alert message of clearing browser cache, is there a such provision?