Lost data in Kobocollect

Good day:

I hope they are fine.

In advance, I want to thank you for the great contribution you make through this application.

Some users in my organization are collecting data through a form in Kobocollect, but it is becoming inconvenient because when saving the records, they appear in draft form, but after a while some of the records seem to disappear, that is, if they are collected 20 records are saved, but after a while not 20 but 14 appear.

What has been detected when investigating this situation is that this problem has been happening since the update that was made on october 24, 2023.

I hope you can help us with this problem, since the data could not be recovered, since it does not appear in the cache of the Kobocollect folder on the device, nor as data sent on the kobotoolbox platform.

Welcome to the community, @efranco!

I guess the app is set to auto-sending mode->on. You can check this from Settings>Form management>Auto send. You can also check this in your server to see if the data has already reached the server for those submissions that are missing in the app.

Note: If a submission is complete, then the data can be sent to the server by checking the auto-sending mode->on in the app. However, if the submission is in draft mode, it will not automatically get submitted to the server. It’s only the completed submissions that get submitted automatically to the server.