Lost some values in a cascade question


My form has a cascade question for the location of the beneficiary. The data collector needs to select a State name from the list first then the relevant townships appear (in other words, the township cannot be selected without selecting a State first). However, in some submitted forms, there are no values for ‘State’ although there are values under ‘Township’ (see the attached screenshot: ‘Sagaing’ is the name of a State and ‘Ayadaw’ is a township). There were hundreds of such submissions and I have edited them using the bulk edit feature. But I still can’t edit some of the submissions.

What might cause this problem and how can I solve it?

Can you download with all versions included option and check the fields in Excel?

Could you also provide the following form information, please

  • related choice list (no duplicates?)
  • related questions (all relevant? …)

Did you check the form with the Online validator?

Did you change related form parts during data collection? Empty cells in submissions could happen e.g. if you deleted a choice name or changed the choice_list name.
Can you check the version of the cases?

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Thank you for your reply.

  • Yes, I can download with all versions included option and the values of these cells are still missing in the excel file.
  • There is no duplicate in the related choice list. I don’t understand the second part (relevant or not?) of your question.
  • I checked the form with the online validator and it works fine (at least for the latest version)
  • I don’t think there were such changes but I may be wrong as this form was also edited by another team member (I’ll check with him)
  • Yes. In the excel file, there are ‘blanks’ (no values) and ‘vDzArdgh5BKYy6AUgvNDrP’ under version column. Blank values in the State column are associated with blank values in the version column. The current version of the form is version 22 and according to KoBo’s Form Summary page, version 22 is the only version that was deployed.

Hope I answered your questions.
Thanks again for your response.

@channyein_86, there could be 2 issues that caused your data to be missing for the cascading select question.

The first issue could be that you may have multiple deployments in your forms where you only added your cascading select filter during the latter deployments. Thus the initial data collection could have missed the cascading filters hence the value may be missing.

Even if you had created the cascading select from the beginning of the deployment, the second issue could be due to the bulk edit you performed. Please be informed that the bulk edit overrides the constraints or checks despite being in the form.