Make a question read only after entering a response

I’m creating a odk form, which contains a set of select one questions. What I’m looking for is disabling the option selection once the user fills in the response or once the user clicks a confirm acknowledgement in the form

Is it possible to enable this use case?

Welcome to the community, @umangbhola! Would you mind sharing a sample dummy question (just 2 to 3) and the instructions of how it should look like? Maybe the community should be able to understand and help you if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox.

Hi @umangbhola
This is not directly supported on the system. However you can do this by creatinga simple approach that sallows you to document the response chosen first in a seperate calculate question and you can also add it to a select one question. I developed this a bit differently. Don’t get suprised about calculations being done on other forms of questions (see my explanations here)

This is the structure I would recommend

And this is the behaviour you will probably see.

I am attaching the XLS form here for your review
Noting the first selection attempt.xlsx (11.0 KB)