Make changes to questions and answers on already deployed form

I created a survey form for my organization using kobo and field agents are using it to collect data. But there are changes that need to be made on the deployed form"

Make a particular answers multi-select
add new questions
remove and add answers
re-edit questions

But kobo didn’t give us the opportunity to do that which is a disadvantage. Other data collection tool have that functionality of editing live or already deployed form in use by field agents. Please look into this and make it possible

Welcome to the community, @caleb247! I would like to break down your query and respond to them as follows:

This is not possible through the form builder UI. However, you could do the same by downloading your survey project as an xlsform and then making changes and redeploying them back to your server.

This can be done (through both the form builder UI and through the xlsform).

Sorry I did not understand this. But did you mean editing a submission from the server? If this is the case, you should be able to do it.

This can be done (through both the form builder UI and through the xlsform).

What brand of phones have you used before?

  1. Nokia
  2. Tecno
  3. Samsung
  4. Infinix

This is an example of multi select question. that has already been deployed and in use by enumerators.

Is it possible to change the answers to single select on an already deployed form using the UI?
(where enumerators can only select just one question)

Kindly please note that this is not possible through the UI. Maybe if you do wish to do it through the UI, you could delete the select_multiple question and then add a new question with select_one from the UI. And you could, later on, manage the project data by merging it as required (outside the KoBoToolbox system).

Note: It’s always good to provide a unique variable name for a survey project.