Make KoBoCollect ignore "field-list" in repeat-group

Hi dear amazing KoBoToolbox support & community

Would it be technically possible to make KoBoCollect ignore the field-list appearance in repeat-group?

What is the general goal of the feature?
That way we could continue using this appearance in projects when data is collected with both Enketo and KoBoCollect. That way, for people using Enketo it would look nicely grouped, but wouldn’t prompt an error in KoBoCollect.

What are the most likely user stories for how and when this would be used by someone on your team?
We collect data both with Enketo and KoBoCollect and in Enketo its better to have repeat-group grouped.

How useful would this feature be to other users or organizations?
Quite useful for people using both Enketo and KoBoCollect.

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
Unfortunately not much, just sending you good vibes and be grateful.

Greetings, Vico

@Vico, if you do not wish to have the field-list in the repeat group, you may leave the appearance column blank. Wouldn’t that do the task?

Hi @Kal_Lam
I actually would love to be able to have it in my project so that when using Enketo it looks better than when not using it.
We collect data both with Enketo and KoBoCollect, and I am limited in the appearance choices in Enketo because KoBoCollect doesn’t support it.
I will edit my first post to make it better understandable.

I am not a programmer so I have no clue the reasons why it doesn’t work and I don’t know if my idea of solution is technically possible, but my idea would be to tell KoBoCollect not to try to interpret this appearance, that is specifically telling it to ignore this parameter,

Best regards

Jumping in here… on this somewhat relevant thread. … with a similar issue.
form works fine in enketo
im trying to use a form on kobo collect and getting the error - repeats in field list groups are not supported.
then it lists the repeat group- jobs in my case. i have deleted the appearance on 1 page for that particular group… but i still get the same error message. What is the solution please?
And the other weird thing - if i just ok the error message - the form still kind of works in kobocollect anyway. at least its still there… and lets me enter stuff.
Would love to know what to do. thanks!!

See also Collect documentation: Form Logic - ODK Docs
“You can apply the field-list appearance to a repeat to make all of the repeated questions go on a single screen. However, you can’t have a repeat inside of another group with the field-list appearance.”

Thanks @wroos for this indication. Indeed it only works that way. My expected behaviour would have been that field-list would work for the whole group in which the repeat is only a part of. I don’t end up with what I was hoping and expecting for, but it’s still better than nothing.