Making a draft in the field and coming back to it later on


I am working on a construction project that requires land clearing. My ecologists have asked me:

"the app does not account this situation – the form requires a record to be fully completed (one animal and the release location). With this approach fauna spotters can’t release multiple animals at one time (i.e. sometimes they may have to collect multiple animals and release them at a later time (the release location may not be known immediately).*

I have 1 rule:

  • I need every data point to be independent of one another (i.e. one point per species interaction).

I have thought of the following:

  1. Record the initial coordinate and add it in at point of release.
    2.) Only for android: use the kobo collect app where i think i remember you can make it a draft and come back to your draft list. There will be several that will be drafted at once where people on smartphones will need to be able to easily identify which one they are finishing.

I could not find a draft option based in the URL data collection type.

Could someone be able to give me some tips on what is the best alternative to drafting forms whilst out in the field?

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Hi @oscar_harvey,

Welcome to the community! You could do the same as outlined below:

  • Click Fill Blank Form from the home menu of KoBoCollect.

  • Select the survey form to which you would like to enter data.

  • Go through all the questions (swiping your finger from right to left).

  • At the end, click on Save Form and Exit. (Make sure the form is marked as ‘finalized’. If this is unchecked but you still click to Save Form and Exit, your collected form goes to the Edit Saved Form while it does not go to Send Finalized Form. Generally, when you have finished collecting data and when the form is marked as ‘finalized’ and when you Save Form and Exit the saved form simultaneously goes to Edit Saved Form and Send Finalized Form. In such scenario, go back to the Edit Saved Form, open the form and then click Go To End and click Save Form and Exit making sure the form is marked as ‘finalized’.)

  • You could also change the name of the saved form to a desired name under Name this form if you think data collection has not been completed and requires another visit with the respondent. Changing the name of the completed form would make the enumerator easy to spot which form to edit from the Edit Saved Form.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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