Making edits to a deployed form, which has already collected submissions/data

I have deployed a form and collected data. However, I would now like to make the following edits to the form:

  1. Correct a typo in the wording of a question and also, the wording of some of the multiple choice answers offered. There will be no changes to the way the question is answered/has already been answered.

  2. Add a new choice to an existing multiple choice question. At the moment, users can choose one of 4 answers when answering a question, but I would to add a 5th choice.

  3. Add a completely new question to the form.

Can I make these changes and redeploy the updated form without out altering or losing the existing submissions from respondents?

Welcome to the community, @kathyrowland! This post discussed previously should be able to answer your query:

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