Making responses to a group of integer questions to have a specified value range and being unique from each other

I have a form where for Q9 there are few numeric fields for which we require a validation like in any Q9 from 1 to 8 fields there should be a value of 1 and a value of 100 and rest can be any number between 2 to 99, but also there should not be a duplicate value in it. So, i have written the code in the xls form, but its not working, dont know what is wrong in it. Sharing you the xls form, kindly check and revert on the same. Thanks in advance.
CS.xls (38 KB)

Hi @khasaab
I have checked your form. There seems to be an issue with your code. You may need to change the columns in yellow. You do not need the rest of the questions after that

Also ensure your group is not set to appearance field-list otherwise the check will not run immediately. This saves you sometime

Try and see if this works

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Thanks for the reply. The requirement is we want it in the same page with which is possible with field-list, then what will be the solution and also the other case which was mention about having 1 and 100 compulsorily in any one of the fields. That too was not working with my code.

Just following up on this. You may have missed the context. If you achieve one I.e. field list then you lose the ability for the question to validate before it is swiped.


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