Making sure at least of one question is answered from a list of multiple questions

Hello Everyone,
I have a around 8 independent multiple questions, and at least one of them needs to be answered. Is there any way I can do this before the submit button is clicked?

I hope I am clear, but let me know if you need further explanation or a sample.

Thank you in advance.

After questions, you can use a mandatory note to display message that at least one question need to be filled. In the relevance column of this note put condition to check if anyone of your question vars are unanswered; e.g. ${var1}=‘’ and ${var2}=‘’


This is the XLSForm of what @jbindrookobo just said:

Considering your questions are named as Multiple_Question_1, Multiple_Question_2, etc

type name label required relevant
note Note You need answer at least one question to submit! true ${Multiple_Question_1} = ‘’ and ${Multiple_Question_2} = ‘’

Thank you so much @hakan_cetinkaya and @jbindrookobo . This works like a charm


@jbindrookobo, @hakan_cetinkaya :bowing_man:

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