Making survey forms accessible to other users

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I would like your help to understand how do I make the survey form accessible on the Kobo Collect application on other devices. I am having to each time use the browser. The form is not showing up in the application. I believe there must be some error in the setting. I would also like to understand, if X number of users are using the survey form, will I need to create X number of Usernames. Or can that one username can be accessed on different devices at the same time.
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maybe the support article can help you
Yes, you can use one account for mulltiple users.
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@balghar01, in addition to what @wroos has suggested, you could also use the row-level permission feature as outlined in the support article Row-Level Permissions.

Thank you for your reply. I would like users to access the form using the same username and password from different devices on Kobo Collect. How do I load the same form on the app ?

I have gone to general setting and have changed the server settings to the admin username and password. The default URL is
Please let me know how can I resolve this problem.

Thank you.

This post should help you fulfill your requirement:

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