Making the admin1 code show up on data

Hi, how can I make it so that in the Admin1 col, the code appears and not the label? In the picture I highlighted the area, in it appears the name of the provinces, but I want it to be the code instead.

The code will more easily enable analysis.

Hi @andre_ch and welcome back to the community!

In the top right corner, there is a Display Options button, looks like this: :gear:

If you click on it you will see Display labels or XML values? question.
You can choose to display XML values.

Keep in mind that this will change all of the values to XML values, right now there is no way to change a single column display. -as far as I know-

Hope this helps.

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@hakan_cetinkaya, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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Thank you @hakan_cetinkaya , it worked really well