Managing a question after selecting multiple select question

Dear @Kal_Lam,

I have a multi-select question, and need to ask subsequent questions for each of the options selected

How would this work?

Could you provide a short dummy question and explain how you expect to see the data collection form.

Hi @Kal_Lam
Need help designing a repeat questionnaire based on an option selected in a previous question. Would love if you could help out with the logic

For example:
Multi select Q1: Select the urban local body that comes under your jurisdiction
Option 1: Municipal Corporation
Option 2: Municipal Council 1
Option 3: Municipal Council 2
Option 4: Municipal Council 3

Based on each option selected I need a follow up common question
So if Option 1 and 4 are selected
Select the anganwadis (child care centers) that fall in “Municipal Corporation”

Next question would be :
Select the anganwadis (child care centers) that fall in “Municipal Council 3”

Looking forward to your help!

Have you checked out this post discussed previously (it should solve your issue):

Hi Kal,

Thanks for taking the effort for the prompt response.
However, my set of questions for urban local bodies are in a cascading filter based on the selection of a previous question (district selection). There are around 300-400 urban local bodies that get narrowed down to ~20 per district once a district is selected (district, then urban local body, then anganwadi)

If i use the method prescribed above, i would have to write 300 groups, each having the selected(${urban local body}, option selected)

There should be a better way?

Looking forward to your help!