Managing account for different project and different users

Currently, I have a project where form submission is in progress. And I’m creating another project for different users but I want them to access it with a different password. Is that possible and if yes, how to do it?

Thanks for your support.

Hi @fsimon23,

Would you mind having a look at the support article on sharing permissions here. Would also advise you to look at the support article on how to configure your KoBoCollect android app here. Similarly, please do have a look for some examples in the forum that has been discussed earlier here.

Have a great day!

Hi @fsimon23
In addition to what @Kal_Lam has shared you should know the following

  1. When you share a project with another user, that user would only see that project. They would require their normal password to access the project
  2. When you want to share a different project with the same user as in 1 above, there is no way to enforce the user to have a different password which only gives them access to the one project.
  3. Sharing is user specific and not password specific. You may want to consider sharing to different user names which they can use to access different projects shared to those usernames. This is however counter intuitive to the settings in the KoBoCollect application since you may literally have to sign off from one account and set the app afresh for the next user :anguished:


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