Managing the variables from a downloaded excel file

Hello! I built a form with the grid theme, and I used a kobo matrix to get some information, so, when I download the data I get an excel file with some empty columns that I don’t need. Is there a way that I can manipulate this excel format so I can share it right away without having to manipulate this file before, change some names, and erase some columns without having to do so everytime I get a response or I want to update the data in my computer.

Hi @analucia_espinoza,

Unfortunately, KoBoToolbox does not have the feature you request. Hence you will need to do this manually.

However, you could do it the other way round as outlined here:

  • Import the xls dataset to a third party software such as SPSS
  • Write a syntax to:
  1. Drop (delete) unwanted variable
  2. Rename variables (as per your wish)
  3. Export it back to xls dataset
  4. Run the syntax to execute what you wish for.


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