Mandatory response does'nt work when selected

Deas Sir, I am trying to keep the "Yes: in mandatory response. But every time it returns back to “NO” Please help me

Hi @rahul_521,

Follow the steps as outlined in the image below:


Step 1: Select Mandatory Response to Yes.
Step 2: Press SAVE.
Step 3: Press Redeploy if you have already deployed your survey project. Else you could also press Deploy if you have not deployed them so far.

If the above method does not work for you due to any of the reasons, you could try the following approach:

  • Download your xlsform.
  • Edit the same (to make your questions mandatory by putting a yes or a true under the required column as shown in the image below).
  • Replace the xlsform with the edited one.
  • Deploy/Redeploy.

Have a great day!

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