Manual data upload does not work

Hi there community :slight_smile:

We have one questionnaire stuck in a tablet. I have been able to transfer the data from my phone, identify the missing questionnaire. I then followed the instructions here to upload it manually through bulk upload (Manually Uploading Submissions โ€” KoboToolbox documentation), but I get the following error.

Can you please help?

500 Error

If this is a significant error that needs to be fixed, please send a support request to with information about what triggered this error.

Thanks in advance for everyoneโ€™s time.

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Welcome back to the community, @smaz! Could you make the following two checks:

  • Check if the project still exists on the server?
  • Check if the submission stuck in the device belongs to that project that is not syncing with the project (deployed in the server). In this case, a submission cannot be synced with the server.

Thank you @Kal_Lam. The project is still there and all submissions collected before and after that one, synced fine.

@smaz, in this case, maybe your last choice would be to download your data in XLS format outlined in this post discussed previously: