Manual uploads from KoBoCollect - partial submissions

We are about to go for field testing using the KoBoCollect app. I want to understand the manual uploads to the server as per the blog on the community forum.
What would happen if I have a partially completed survey on day 1 (that I have uploaded to the server on day 1), and then try to upload a complete survey on day 2? I understand that duplicates are rejected, but are partially complete surveys treated as duplicates?


@yashukalera, this approach is generally helpful in case you break your smartphone that contains data which you are unable to submit it to the server.

As for your query, if you had a partial completed survey and you manually upload in day 1, the partially completed survey is upload to the server. Again going to day 2, the partially completed survey should now be complete. When you upload this to the server, you are still able to upload the submission to the server (even though the partially completed survey is already submitted to the server).

So basically this approach does not filter the submissions that has already been submitted tot he server. Hence you may have duplicate submissions using this approach. So please be cautious when using it (i.e. ensure that all the submissions are uploaded manually to the server only once).