Manually uploading data from a broken tablet

Hi, I am trying to manually. upload some instances from a broken tablet using the bulk import feature but receive a message saying that the feature belongs to the legacy version and is no longer applicable. Can you provide any help?

Welcome to the community @anupah! Could you share with us the screenshot of your issue so that we could verify it at our end. Kindly please note that I did not see any error message while trying to at my end:

OK, could you share the exact steps that you follow? This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Sure. The field supervisor sent me the xml files which he downloaded from the broken tablet . I compressed them in a zip folder and used the bulk submssion form ( took the link from this forum thread) to upload - that’s pretty much it? maybe an issue with the xml format? - if for example the field supervisor was using an older version?

Yes. You will have to do it as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

Hi Kal, so this is what I did but it does not work

As a quick check, would you mind trying this with a dummy project and see if you are able to with the dummy project? If yes, you should also be able to with your real one.