Manually uploading submissions - handling duplicates

Hi, just wanted to clarify, if the manual upload prevents duplicates or no?

The process is described here: Manually Uploading Submissions — KoBoToolbox documentation

There is a disclaimer a the beginning: “[Warning: This is still an experimental feature, and it does not prevent you from creating duplicate submissions.]”

In the last paragraph, however, it says “Uploading the same records twice is not an issue since duplicate records will be rejected.”

Anyone knows how KoBo Toolbox handles duplicates?


Hi @janekb
The first issue around duplicates is that they are very project-specific i.e. whether data is a duplicate or not will be dependent on what the project defines as duplicate.

On how the duplicates are handled, we rely on the UUID to identify unique data in a project. Where similar UUID is found, the data are considered as duplicate and as such not imported in the process.


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@janekb, generally you upload your data manually if your collected forms get stuck either in the browser or in your android app. So the first time you upload the stuck file you should be able to upload them manually as outlined in the support article. However, if you try to upload the same zip file the second time the system would not allow you to upload them. But saying this please be aware that if you try to upload the stuck file through the browser (Enketo) or through the android app (KoBoCollect android app or the ODK Collect android app) the system should receive the submissions.

So basically you could control how you wish to upload your data manually. The best way to explore is by playing around with a dummy project.