Map Coordinates

Hello. I’m having a problem with the coordinates. Instead of showing on 1 map it appears to be showing on 2 different maps.

Is there a way to get the coordinate to show on only the one map. The problem is that 29 coordinates are on one map and 1 coordinate is in a different map.

Does anyone face this same problem? How can we get all coordinates to show in only one map.

Welcome to the community, @takala_talacakau93! Maybe the geopoint data that was collected was fake? Could you ensure that the same from your team who collected the same?

@Kal_Lam Thank you. Glad to be part of the community. The Geopoint data collected is correct and isn’t fake. We have cross checked the coordinates on Google Earth and it shows us the correct site.

@takala_talacakau93, could you check the accuracy of the outlier GPS point captured for your survey project?

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