Map doesnot appear on phone, Metadata collection problems

Dear friends,

I tried to access the link of the questionnaire on phone, but it does not show the map to the respondee to draw a line or a polygon.
How can we manipulate the questionnaire so it can appear well on any smartphone?
About the metadata, I click all almost check-box but it does not receive any info from the device used to answer.

Please help me!

I am facing the same problem, did you find any solution to it??

Hi @terry87
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Please be informed that geotrace records a line of two or more GPS coordinates while the geoshape records a polygon of multiple GPS coordinates; the last point is the same as the first point . For more details on geotrace checkout the ODK documentation here . Similarly, for more details on geoshape checkout the ODK documentation here .

If you are trying to draw these manually and it is not working could you try using ODK Collect and see if it works. You would set up ODK Collect just like the KoBo Collect app.


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Hi @stephanealoo,

thank you for the information. To install the ODK collect, it is impossible because it takes effort from the respondent.
However, I suggested the respondents to use the PC to fill in the form.
Thank you.


I create an account to share the project, for the view and submission.

Then I instruct the respondents to fill in the form with Kobocollect, but the MAP is not show when they answer GEO questions.

Please help me with a solution