Masive condition

Hi everyone, we are working on a mobile survey and one of the firsts question is that if the interviewee want to answer it. So next 300 questions need to be skipped. We already have many groups and we thought in creating a new one grouping the existing ones with the exclusion logic depending of the first question on it. The problem is that the form builder let you to do this but never save it. After you come back to the form builder it seems that you have never added this new group.
Is this possible?
Is there any other solution for what we are traying to do?
Thanks in advance.

You should be able to put groups around groups in the Kobo formbuilder (although I have noticed there are issues when subgroups are field-lists; that is, ‘Show all questions in this group on the same screen’ …). Worst case, you could export your form as an XLSForm and manually add a begin_group and end_group around everything. See XLSForm nesting groups for details.


Hi @Xiphware,
I took your second option and it worked perfectly.
THANKS! :blush:


FYI there is an new active defect that might be causing this behavior. Being tracked here:

In mean time, you might have to continue to fiddle with your groups in XLSForm-land till its fixed.