Matrix question en KoboCollect

Hello. I understand that matrix question is not possible in Collect. But how can you adapt a questionnaire in the form of a matrix to Collect

Hi @marceloscarone,

Yes, you got it correct! KoBoCollect android app currently does not support Matrix Question. However, if you design your survey form in KoBoToolbox using the Grid Theme Layout, you should be able to collect your data in Enketo (web form). For details on Matrix Question please have a look at the support article here.

If you still wish to collect your matrix question with KoBoCollect android app, please feel fee to share a short matrix question that you wish to design in KoBoToolbox so that we could explore a workaround for you.


Dear @Kal_Lam,
is it also (still) right that:

  1. field-list (appearance) option does NOT work for KoBoCollect (Android)? - WRONG
  2. In general KoBoCollect only allows ONE question per screen.? - WRONG
  3. Style setting in KoBoCollect is always pages?
    Kind regards

Hi @wroos,

The field-list that we use under the appearance is used with begin group. It groups an entire group of questions and the questions appear on one screen (it works for both KoBoCollect android app as well as Enketo).

Regarding the style settings, it only works with Enketo. Though you configure your survey project to a particular style settings, it does not appear as it should in the KoBoCollect android app (when compared to Enketo).


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I see this thread from 2019 - is this something, that has been implemented by now? Matrix questions for KoBo collect could be really helpful.


Sorry to inform you that the Collect android app still does not support the matrix question type.