Matrix question re-ordered all of my rows and responses and it is even this way in form builder now. How do I fix it?

I have produced a form in form builder on KOBO. I used the matrix question. It has reordered all of my rows, and all of my response options within my columns. It is now re=ordered not only on the enketo form on the web, but also in my form I built.

How can I make it revert to the original order?

Hi @srichards_ilri and welcome to the community!

There is an open bug about this issue in github: Matrix question rows and choices rearranged in form-builder (only) · Issue #3231 · kobotoolbox/kpi · GitHub

As a workaround, it is advised to download your form in xls format, readjust your choices then upload and use that one.

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Thanks I was hoping there was some new fix, but I will do as suggested


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