Matrix questions - the content does not appear in the edit mode

when i use the matrix type of question the columns and rows content do not appear when i work in the edit mode. When i open it in the “collect data” mode, the contents appear. The template is still under development so I would like to work in edit mode and to check what questions i have already included.

Hi @Edlira,

Would you mind sharing the screenshot of your image so that it would be easy for us to have a look at your issue visually.

Hello Kal

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Server Error (500)

Im trying to save the xlsForm but give me the same error.
I realised that this error comes from the matrix questions. In my questionnaires i cant see the content of the matrix when im in edit mode. Besides when i cancelled and try to use simple questions the Error 500 didnt appear.

Im sending the screenshot of the matrix questions as it appear in edit mode:

The matrix questions are very useful for me, but now, im using simple questions. i hope this error will be fixed

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