Matrix table: how to keep the options in order in a matrix table

Hello everyone, I am working on a form in Kobo, in the form, we have Annex 2, which is being worked on with a matrix table of responses, however, when introducing the response options it has been difficult to maintain the order of the responses. options both in the rows and in the columns (Attached capture).
Is there a way to keep the order of the options? o What could be happening? Because every time the changes are saved, it doesn’t appear in the proper numerical order.

For example, we have these two columns with questions 7 and 8, as can be seen the order of the foods and reasons is not correct. The same goes for the “other” row that should be in the last row of the matrix.

Hello @jtafur, welcome to the community!

Can you try to download your survey project as XLSForm and then upload them again? It might solve the issue.

Unfortunately this is a bug the team is aware of:

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