Matrix tables

I used more 4 matrix tables to calculate Age-gender disaggregated data. Thus, it works fine in accepting data, but the calculation part not working (while it used to work in a single matrix table usage). what would be the problem? fyi: In the xlsform, I just duplicated the group details(matrix) only changing the group title.

Welcome to the community, @matusala! The issue with your XLSForm is that your variable names (under the name column) have been duplicated (e.g., your variable name under B67 is the same as B105). You will need to make them unique. Please note that the names, once used, cannot be used for other variables, else that will trigger an issue.

FYR, you could always validate your XLSForm through this online validator to check for any syntax issues within your XLSform.

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Thanks @Kal_Lam. Definitely, the issue is now resolved as per your comment. Thanks once again for the support.

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@Kal_Lam : Is there a way to make table matrix compatible (Grid view) in KoBo Collect, as it is while using enketo web?

@matusala, sorry to inform you that the Collect android app still does not support the matrix question. Only the Enketo, aka the web form, supports the same.