Media doesnt get deleted when project is deleted

I have deleted a project from my account which had a lot of media files. However, it seems that the media files continue to exist under my account without any change in data usage. How can I delete media associated with a deleted project?

@mohan_n, deleting a project should delete submissions and storage (media) from it. However, if you only wish to delete media without deleting submissions is currently not possible. Our team is currently working on this feature and should be live soon.

But as said earlier, the submissions and storage should both be deleted when you delete a project from your account. You may need to check for other projects taking up storage space. A quick check may be to check under DATA>Gallery to see if that project contains media or not.

Yes. the change in data usage is reflecting now after some time. Thanks.

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@mohan_n, :bowing_man: