Media::Images for selected_multiple choices do not appear on online-offline form


I’ve created a pretty heavy form (more than 3000 lines in Excel) in which I’ve included about 100 pictures that appear among the choices throughout the 15 or so select_multiple questions on the form (5-10 pictures per select_multiple question).

When I choose the “Online-Only” format, the pictures work fine in the form. However, when I use “Online-Offline” format, the pictures no longer appear in the select_multiple choices, although images tied to other questions do appear, as you can in the picture, below.

Please see below, a link to the form.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi @stephanedecelles,

Kindly please be informed that since you are using a lot of images within your survey project it should take some time to cache the image in the Enketo’s memory. Try leaving the Online-Offline open for a while and leave the Enketo to load all the images in it’s memory. You should then be able to see the images being loaded while it’s offline.

Have a great day!

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