Mediadownloads failing recently

I’ve been sucessfully downloading mediafiles using the [Python snippet] for several months.
Since 2 weeks some files are failing while others are downloaded sucessfully.
Unfortunately the number of failures increases every day.

How to solve this issue? Is there an alternative ? (the article [Downloading Photos and Other Media] is not an option for me).

Thank you!

@jps, what is the total media size you wish to download? Are you not able to download through the UI?

Thank you for dealing with my issue.

Each submission contains only one image with a size of ~100 kB, the total size of all submissions is currently 50 MB, but 80% are already downloaded and the script does not request them again.

The data is cleaned by people who do not have UI access. (they use small python scripts triggered from Excel)

But I’ve downloaded the media files via UI - and the failing images are missing in the download as well.
But when opening the submission (view or edit), the images are availabe.

I’m facing the same thing. But I use the Kobo-transfer utility. I think your kobomedia utility
is part of Kobo-transfer according to the code on the github. Is your server running on ?

Yes I’m on

I’m using joshuaberetta’s kobomedia (GitHub - joshuaberetta/kobomedia).
But as mentioned in my answer to @Kal_Lam, I’ve also zip-downloaded the files via the UI, and the same pictures are missing.

I hope that they can solve the issue, as I cannot download that many pictures manually.
If you find out something, please post it. Thank you.

@jps, @alexserv, try using this approach as outlined in this post discussed previously: