Merge forms into one form

Hello, I would like to know if there is a possibility to merge two surveys into one. That is to say, I have developed a form A and a form B. I would like to import the questions of the form A, of the form B, without this having an impact on the data of the form B. There is t- there such a simple way to be able to do it in the web interface? or does it absolutely have to be done in the Xls Form file?
Thank you

Do you mean you wish to merge the questions or do you mean you also wish to merge the dataset from Form A to Form B?

Hi @esy_cari2020
This feature is not possible as a direct implementation on the platform. However, if you gave more details on the process, there may be users who could have had workarounds. For example:

  • Do you want the Form A questions to be Added to Form B questions and not the data? If yes, then simply download both XLS forms and merge them externally and then upload the same back to Form A. Remember, you must ensure that there are no duplicate names.
  • Do you want to merge FormA to Form B and also merge their data such that, when looking at the data you see what was collected as Form A appearing within the form without responses to the part on Form B and vice versa? This is now the tricky part in which we can see if the community has any specific workarounds.


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