Merging cells in matrix design

Team, how can I merge the two rows of crop into one row in the preview below:


@goli, could you also share with us what that row would then look like? Maybe we could then understand your issue if it’s possible within the system.

I want the two rows under column crop be merged so that a single crop type be selected from the choices and data on supply and demand be provided as shown in the table. My challenge is failure to merge the two rows into one crop for selection

There seems no way to achieve this merging using theme-grid style. Merging is only possible with columns not rows. However, you can achieve the desired output by automatically duplicating whatever crop is selected in in the supply row into the demand row. Reference this in the calculation column of the demand question of the crop. Then set read_only to yes of the demand crop selection, so the user wont be able to tamper with the automatic selection.

Hello, thanks for this quick insight but I seem not get it well. I have therefore, attached my xlsform for your review.
Merging rows in Kobocollect.xlsx (58.2 KB)

Hi Kal_Lam,
It seems I’ve problem closely to this. Kindly help me out.


Hello team, this guidance has worked