Migrating data from Legacy interface to KPI

Hi Kal,

I just saw this post:

I have numerous accounts running with ongoing data collection - monthly surveys.
I am a bit concerned about the switch from Legacy, but think that my forms are all loaded on the new interface.

Sorry I am not IT savvy so would appreciate you help to confirm that my projects are off the Legacy Interface.

This is what I see when I log into all my different accounts (all have different forms), which I understand to be the new interface, does this mean all my forms are off the Legacy interface?

Is there anything else I need to do to migrate before the 14th?


Thanks, appreciate the help and support from this platform.

@Rusti, are all your projects in the KPI, if no you could simply migrate the survey projects from KC to KPI by clicking the Sync forms as shown in the image below:

Thanks Kal,
I am not sure, my login in is kf.kobo… rather than kc.kobo… does that mean is on the KPI?

The interface you shared above is the KPI.

Thanks Kal

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