Missing Attachments in forms


I create a form where i collect some pdf or images, but some of those images/pdf are deleted after the submission of the form. I checked some forms, and even in some forms, one attachment is working and the other one is deleted. What could be the possible reason? I believe it is not because of the XLS form, form is working fine. You can see the screenshot from one of the forms. Could it be of the naming? What i realized when you include some special characters in the naming of the file, for example, Turkish has “ş” letter, and the file disappears. Is it possible? or What could be the other reasons?

@osmanburcu, maybe try it with a short name with simple English to see how it behaves?

Also better avoid spaces and any special characters (except _) in file names.

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After a few test, I am sure that if there is a non-English letter in the name of the file, kobo deletes it after the submission, and spaces don’t affect the file.


@osmanburcu, thank you for updating the issue with the entire community! :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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