Missing colllected data in the database

Hello, did you get any support? Because i have the same problem, the collection date and time are available but data are missing.

Please help

I have a problem of missing the collected data in the data base. The time of data collection are available, but the collected data are not, I

need help.

Welcome to the community, @tuyishimire! Could you also let us know the server you are using?

Thank you, I am using non humanitarian server (kf.toolbox).


I am using the non-Humanitarian server, I really need help, I miss the data for the last 2 Related projects. I am able to export 220 out of over 300 for each project.
I will provide all information necessary,

Thank you,

@tuyishimire, could you also let us know the tool you used to collect your data? Did you use the Collect Android App or did you use Enketo for this?

There is also a likelihood that the submissions are still stuck in the device if you are using the Collect Android App or in your browser if you are using Enketo aka web form. Could you also kindly check them to see no pending submissions?

Any news on this, please? Could you provide the additional information Kal_Lam asked for, esp. if you use Collect or Enketo (Web form)?