Missing column data after dowload

I designed a collection form to collect data on the number of learners in levels 1,2,3 in a school. I can confirm that the relevant questions are visible on the forms, and that data for the three levels is correctly collected. I can even see all the data columns when previewing on Kobo website. However, when i download the data from kobo, level 3 data is completely missing, and no columns of the same are present on the downloaded data.
I have ensured that during XLS export I include fields from all 3 versions and Export Select Many questions as separate columns. Kindly assist

Welcome @precious,
Did you check the form with the Online validator, please? (This is always recommended during development and before deployment.)
Did you change the form during data collection?

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@precious, could you kindly share with the community a screenshot of what is present in the DATA Table View and what is missing from the XLS format when downloading? These screenshots should help the community understand your issue pictorially.

The form contains the level 3 questions

These are my export settings

The level 3 data ought to have begun from column O but is missing.
Column O is the calculate function for the sum of all level 1,2&3. It gives a correct sum despite the level 3 column not being present.

ps: i have realized the column data is also not previewed on kobo site

Hello Wroos,

Yes, the form is valid

Can you explain this, please? Is there no column for level 3? Or empty cells (some, all?)

Your export settings screenshot doesn’t show level 3. Can you try to export with ALL variables (no manual selection), please, and review?