Missing data after export

Hello. After exporting the data from Kobo, some columns are empty, while I can see all the data in the Table on the Kobo web. I tried different export settings, but still, the result was the same.

@reachiraqorg, could you share a screenshot containing the data and also the other screenshot where the data is missing?

Did you change the form during data collection?
Which (advanced) export option did you use? All versions or last version?
Could you try again, as there was a KoBo update. See Release Notes - version 2.022.24 and related patch releases - #11 by jnm

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Thank you for your answers. Please find attached the screenshorts.

Modification date

@reachiraqorg, could you check the Include data from all 20 versions and try downloading the data again? Could you update the community on what happens when you do the same? This should probably solve your issue.

Hello. I applied the change you asked, but it didn’t help.