Missing Data column entries in database

I need urgent help have a problem with missing the collected data in the kf.kobotoolbox.org database. The time of data collection, its location, submission time is available, but the collected data of participants are missing. here’s a snippet.

Welcome to the community, @nestanero! Could you check if this is within the repeat group? You could check this by downloading your data in XLS format.

Hi @Kal_Lam yes this is within the repeat group. it goes like this.

Hi @nestanero,
Your XLS form looks good.
I think you can download your data and see whether collected data is there or not.
As you are using “Repeat”, you will find two worksheets in your xls downloaded data file. The first worksheet is for those data which are not “repeated”, which is you can call “parent data table” and the other worksheet is for the “repeated” data which you can call “child data table”.

Please check the following images:

You can find your child table data by this highlighted name:

You can also match your parent table data with child table data by following variables:

Hope it will help you.

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thanks for your response. however, when I checked the other sheet. it wasn’t there. It only looks like this. I cannot find the name, the gender of the applicant, etc.

this is the exported file

Hi, i have the same issue. It seems data is present on the platform but missing when exported. There are gaps in the indexes of the repeat sheets. How is this possible? Can someone please help? Urgent!