Missing data for 2 statements (other 3/5 are awailable)

I have this problem with missing data.
There are a few questions where respondents are asked to scale statements, and it is curious that out of 5 statements data for the last 2 are missing.
The same situation is with 3 other questions where some statements data are missing.
added a screenshot of how I see downloaded data (hope it helps even though it’s in Ukrainian)

I so here some topics similar to mine, but couldnt find an answer to how can I receive the whole data.

can someone help me with this?
Thank you!

@mslava, have you tried downloading the data in XLS (legacy) format to see if the data is still there?

Hey @Kal_Lam,
found how to download it and yes, this xls (legacy) shows data in all those questions that are missing in ordinary xls downloads
is there a possibility to download if correctly?
because system is warning me that this xls(legacy) format is just temporary available
thank you