Missing data for repeated group

I have a group of questions in my questionnaire that I have used the “repeat this group if necessary” on. This works fine when I test out the form - I can repeat as many times as I want. However, when I look at the data that is collected, these questions are not present. If I turn off the “repeat this group if necessary” option, the data are collected successfully. Can anyone help? I used the online kobotoolbox to create my form. I am not familiar with editing the code etc., but I have downloaded the xls file that was automatically created but I don’t seem to be able to upload it (“new users cannot upload”)
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @susanmiller! Have you gone through our forum post discussed previously? It should solve your issue:

Thanks, I figured it out - I thought I had checked everywhere, but now I see that it is in a separate sheet! Sorry for posting somewhat hastily.

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