Missing data from repeat-group

Hi everyone, I have collected data for and the form I designed contains a repeat group (the number of repetitions according to an entry number for a previous question), but when I downloded the data now, I did not find any information related to the questions within the loop, usually these questions appear in a separate sheet. Please help me with this issue.

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Hello @tareq_qabbani, Welcome to the community, let me see if I can help you. Can you able to give me the answers of these questions?

  • Can you able to see the data in the DATA section?
  • What is your export type?

Thank you.

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Hello @hakan_cetinkaya

The type of exported data is xls

Hi @tareq_qabbani,

Can you see the data in the DATA section?

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Yes but the fields related to repeat group is empty

Did you update the form (especially the repeat group) in the data collection period? Or in another words, did you redeploy your form?

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Yes i redeployed the form 7 times

Now i look at the form I have v7

  • Do you know that in all of the 6 versions before, the repeat group was answered (or it was mandatory?)

Is there any chance that these questions were not answered before, so there is no data?
You can check this article to help you:

Let us know if this solves your issue or not.

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@tareq_qabbani, as a, cross-check, would you mind downloading your data in XLS (legacy) format to see if you are able to see your repeat group data there? If yes, please let us know. This should then be a bug that has already been addressed and will be live soon.