Missing data from repeat groups in download

We are missing some of the data in repeat groups when we download the data. It is there when we pull up the forms but missing in the xlsx. I have tried to download several times and to download a legacy file but the data doesn’t come up. Any help is appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @jennok! Could you share a screenshot with the community so that the community should be able to understand your issue pictorially?

Hi Kal, thank you so much for the quick reply! The data is sensitive so I can’t share a public photo. Also, since the data is missing I am not sure what I would send. Essentially we have a count of 190 events in the master file. We have a repeat group that captures the details of the events. When I download the data, we have the correct count in the master file that asks the number of events. In the repeat group with the details, we only have information for ~159 events. When I look in the table in Kobo, all of the data for the 190 events are entered in the forms.

@jennok, are you comfortable sharing the details with me through a private message? I could then troubleshoot your issue to see what could have happened.

Hi Kal, That would be great. How do I send you a private message?

@jennok, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Hi Kal, I don’t see an option for new message. It is just giving me the option to reply to topic or create a linked post.

@jennok, I have just sent you a private message. You could share with me the details there.

@jennok, seems like the issue is here, as shown in the image below:

We will sync it for you.

Hi Kal, Thanks so much, though this did not resolve the problem. We are still missing data. For example, there are 5 pregnancies entered in cluster ar4a. When I pull up the form in kobo the data are entered in the repeat groups, When I download a csv, the data are not in any of the repeat groups. This is the case for roughly ~12 different clusters, meaning we are missing repeat group data for all of these clusters.

Hi again Kal, we are still looking into this problem and it looks like the output is linking the wrong information as well. For example household # 3 in one cluster is actually providing the repeat group information for household # 4. When I open the form, the data in household # 3 are entered correctly so I don’t understand why the download is linking the wrong data.