Missing Data in download

Hi Community:
a little help here?..
I have a form with data that seems ok in the screen of the Kobotoolbox web…

All data is displayed ( gender for example)
But when I download the data in excel…some info disappears.

this happends with some fields, but not to others…
For example, “delegate NS” appears always, but “Delegate WSR EUR” don’t:
The only clue that I have is that the “missing ones” belong to a particular version of the form: (yellow)

And the 2 subsequent versions contain the data.
So I went to the "history of deployments and search for the name:


in both versions…

There are some similar posts, but I did not get any resolution to…anybody with an explanation?

What are your download seetings? All versions and labels?
Have form changes been done to the related choice list?
Did you check the form with the online validator?

Can you try, please, to download with

  • XML values
  • all versions and last version.

Furthermore, you could download the critical form version (through history, clone) and compare it to the current version, for the relevant questions and choices.

You might also save/download the current form version and then temporarily redeploy the previous form version (history, clone, download, upload) and check the table view and the download afterwards.

Empty cells in Excel can happen e.g. if you added a question, if previous selected values of the choices only have a current label correspondence, and download all versions with labels was used. Also, if previous versions used another type, e.g. text instead of select now.

Hint (but should not be the reason of the misding data): In your text you cite "Delegate WSR EUR”, but in the screenshot (label) it is "Delegate WSR ERU”. Maybe also the variable name was changed? (This should result in an extra column for the previous name further at the end of the table view.)

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@iker.montes, I assume it’s because you added that question during an ongoing survey. Maybe check the form version by cloning your project as advised by @wroos to see the difference.