Missing Data In My Dataset

Hello, I noticed that some of the data collected even though they were mandatory and were inputted into the questionnaire, after uploading to the cloud/server, some were missing in the dataset both in kobotoolbox and excel. Don’t know what to do and I’m scared as this will affect my results.

Welcome @samdy_001,
Can you share a related extract of your form (in XLSFormat), please? Esp. around the age variable.
Did you change the form during data collection?
Was this form checked with the Online validator, please? (Always recommended during form development and before deployment.)

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Hello @wroos, Thanks for your reply. I didn’t change the form however, I made some updates to it during data collection after which I redeployed, and the forms were updated in kobo collect. I didn.t use the ODK online validator you mentioned, all I used was the validator in the “preview” tab in Kobotoolbox.

So, multiple versions of this form have been used (unfortunately). Did you change/update something for the age variable, e.g. type or label or required? As you seem to use Formbuilder and automatically generated names, changing a label would change the variable name, so a new variable would be created/stored.

Maybe you can find the old variable at the right end of the table and when you export the data with all versions included settings.

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Yeah, just found it. Thanks alot for your help.

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@wroos, :pray: :bowing_man: