Missing data in Power BI from Kobo database

Hi again!

I’m having difficulty in getting all data from Kobo into Power BI. I read about similar problems from other posts in the forum, but I still could not get to the solution. I hope anyone could me help me here.

I’ve added new questions to my Kobo survey, and when I refresh Power BI, these new questions/columns do not appear in Power Query. All the new columns have data, so it wouldn’t be a problem of empty columns.

I added the news columns manually in Power Query, but it still shows only “null” values, instead of the real data. In the screenshot, there should be data where the red circle points at.

When downloading the data from Kobo in a XLS format, the correct data shows up.

Any ideas on how I could solve this?

Thank you all in advance

@anacarolcjp, have you gone through this post discussed previously? It should help you solve your issue:

Thank you Kal, I will try it here!


I was able to find a solution through the following way:

  • Creating a new data connection to the form;
  • Importing the missing columns to my original dataset using “vlookup”, so that I could use the steps already applied in Power Query while processing data.