Missing data in responses and duplicate with unreadable questions

We have been collecting data from 25 respondents , the form included 65 mandatory questions , after the submission, the kobo collect shows that all 25 are submitted well but in the reports there are irregularities some question show 22 responses and some 21 while 3 Reponses are shown separately after the 65 questions, the latter started from number 38 as duplicate with only 3 responses but their questions are not also readable as shown in the picture below. how can we solve that ?

Welcome to the community, @kayd! Hvae you tried downloading your data as XLS format to see if the data are fine there?

Dear KaLLam thanks for your response,
Yes we tried but it will be two different data too with in same sheet , one with complete responses while the other includes only couple of responses and started when the major once end . we have also checked all respondents individually and we found that those with missing responses have blank response from question 38 up 65 , though the questions were mandatory. This indicates, the responses of question 38 up to 65 has come separately.