Missing Data / Issues with forms syncing


Issues with missing data. On our tablets (we have 4, Candiac_Ensemble A/B/C/D) we have a certain amount of forms which have been sent (for instance 6501 on our tablet for Candiac_Ensemble C) but less than 5000 show up on the Kobo server.

How can I fix this? We are missing a total of 4000+ forms to be synced to the server!


Welcome back to the community, @lalonde340! Have you submitted all your data to the server? If yes, could you share with us a screenshot of the DATA>Table so that we could see if there is any mismatch in your data?


Yes, all the data has been sent to the server. I’ve looked on our tablets, and for questionnaire “Candiac_EnsembleC” for instance, 6501 forms have been sent from the tablet, but only 5386 forms show up in our Data Table on the Kobo server.

Here is a screenshot of said Data Table.

Thank you!

For instance, I think there are some data missing from forms sent on July 23rd. That is, our tablets indicate the forms have been sent, but they don’t show up on the server

@lalonde340, could you share with us a screenshot of the DATA>Table that displays the following:


This should help us understand your issue pictorially.