Missing data on export yet its there in the tool. Its a group question

My group data is missing when i try to export …
Kindly assist…
It is only one group question that is not coming.

Welcome to the community, @russmarange! Have you checked your data in the XLS format? You should see something like the image shared below where the repeat groups are in a separate tab:

Image 2


It’s still producing the same problem

Could you share a screenshot so that we could have a pictorial view of the same.

You want the screenshot of the downloaded data ?

Yes that would help us understand your issue.

A view of the downloaded excel is below.

In table view the data is showing after the last Variable as shown below.

Have you checked all versions by checking Include data from all ... versions? Maybe that should solve your issue if there are any changes in your survey project.

I have checked them and there is no change

@russmarange, would you mind sharing with me the following (through a private message) so that I could have a closer look at my end?

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

“Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.” thats what am getting

Also i can’t see the server name

@russmarange, you should now be able to share with me a private message. If you are still not able please refresh your page.

@russmarange, when looking closely at your survey project and xlsform I did not see any repeat group data. The one you are showing is the grouped data:

If you wish to see them in your dataset while downloading, you could check or uncheck the Include groups in header as shown in the image shared below:

It’s all selected like that, but the data is not coming

@russmarange, were you not able to get the group names while downloading your dataset? Or are you trying to refer to that you did not get the data from a repeat group? FYI, please be informed that you do not have a repeat group data. You only have a grouped data in your survey project.

I did not get the data when I downloaded it. But the headings came…Refer to the pictures I send …
That’s the output.

Hi @russmarange, it looks like the the Enketo preview gives a clue to the issue:

[row : 23] Invalid question name [group_io3vs66_header_Service list] Names must begin with a letter, colon, or underscore.Subsequent characters can include numbers, dashes, and periods.

This same issue (having a space in the Data column suffix of your matrix question Service list) seems to be breaking the export. I see that the legacy export is still including the data, so please continue to use that — and try to avoid including spaces in the name (although the UI should warn you of this).

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Hi @russmarange, you can track the issue here. Although it doesn’t address your particular problem caused by this form-builder bug, hopefully it will prevent this from happening in the future:

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Thanks so much. I have done the advanced legacy export.